I recently traveled with an adventurous group of friends to Seattle by way of Yellowstone National Park. We were helping a dear friend of ours move and decided to camp overnight in the park. If you know me, you may be laughing and shaking your head right now. After a physically challenging yet satisfying camping experience, we then traveled the final stretch to Seattle. During this road trip, I was awestruck left and right by the natural beauty surrounding me. A lot of self-reflection took place due to a lack of wifi access which has, fortunately, resulted in a post about bravery.   
As we traveled, it struck me that the beauty of the mountains and surrounding landscape are the result of a lot unseen activity. I remembered reading about tectonic plates colliding, volcanoes forming, and eruptions occurring; resulting in the breath-taking mountains rushing past the van window.
My thoughts then moved to how bravery is represented in what I was seeing. It occurred to me that the basic instinct of bravery is consistent movement or activity like the tectonic plates I read about. Just as constant as the activity is under that earth’s surface, bravery does not stop moving in some way, shape, or form. It is relentless in making the best choices for your life. 

Bravery makes bold decisions or movements that can change the trajectory of your life. There is a lot of strength in the small consistent movements it makes every day as well. Its decisions are drawn from the high value placed on your life and what it can become. There are different experiences that can leave you stunned and numb at times. Sometimes, small everyday decisions are the hardest to make. Bravery sees the value of moving forward and saying yes to every movements that will get you where you need to be.

Bravery has such rewarding consequences, yet it can be so irritating and inconvenient. It calls you to step up your game and do more than you’re comfortable with. It will challenge you take on new opportunities that will transform you. All because it knows there is something in that opportunity that’s worth becoming uncomfortable for. It believes that the results of not trying are not worth it; not good enough. 

Bravery will keep you moving forward. It will have you constantly making small yet powerful decisions to live out your fullest life. It will create a bravery mountain out of a life that others will find breathtaking and awe-inspiring.