It’s 1:00 in the morning and I find myself in an all too familiar state. I just put babygirl back to sleep and now I am wide awake on Facebook.
I love scrolling through my friends photos checking out new styles or opportunities they are taking part in. I draw inspiration from their good news and it also gives me an opportunity to “catch up.”
As I continue scrolling through, I come upon a recent celebration and noticed that someone appeared to be missing from the photos. Initially, I felt left out and sad.

Why wasn’t I invited to this gathering? 

The more I pondered on this I realized.

I am in a different season. 


My life has drastically changed in the last two years. I have gone from a season of singleness to marriage. From zero children to now two! As I continued to come out of my funk, the words from my mentor danced across my mind. 

“Your marriage and your family are your very first ministry.

That reminder brought so much joy to my heart. For me, one of the hardest transitions as a wife and mother was accepting that my friendships would change. Although they have changed it does not mean they have to end. Lauryn Hill said it like this.

Everything is everything. What is meant to be will be. After winter, must come spring, change, it comes eventually.

Our Heavenly Father has planned out our lives with infinite joy and wisdom. He knows what needs to be harvested in each season he has ordered. The only thing constant is change, therefore we have to stop resisting it.

Are you frustrated because you are comparing your season to someone else’s.

  • You might be single and desire to be married.
  • Married and desire to have children.
  • You are working a 9-5 but desire to be a #GIRLBOSS or
  • Maybe you have a big dream in your heart that hasn’t fully taken off yet.

No matter what, choose to enjoy your season. You are not missing out, God has not forgotten you! When you value your season you throw off frustration and get to experience all that God wants for you now. What do you value in your current season? Share with us in the comment box below!